Chapter 1559 Would I Allow Him To Succeed

"His marriage with the Shan family this time was a clear indication of his ambition to expand the Shangguan family's influence."

If he was not an enemy, Jin Fengchen actually admired Shangguan Qian's ambition.

Gu Nian nodded. "Now that I hear you say this, it seems to be the case."

"With the backing of the Shan family, he will no longer see Crimmings in the same light and will even feel that Crimmings is just a burden to him. It's just…"

Jin Fengchen’s eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a stern look. "He will not give up his alliance with Crimmings, but he will consider a takeover.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Nian could not help but worry. "If we proceed with this, will Shangguan Qian succeed?"

If that was the case, would it not be detrimental to the Jin Group?

"Do you think I will let him succeed?" Jin Fengchen raised his eyes.

Meeting his unwavering cold eyes, Gu Nian shook his head subconsciously. "No."

The corners of Jin Fengchen’s mouth seemed to evoke a smile. "Shangguan Qian
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