Chapter 1564 Caught Off Guard

While watching his expression carefully, the police officer asked, “These drugs do not comply with the national drug regulatory standards and are harmful to humans. We found two boxes of these drugs in your company’s warehouse. Where did they come from?”

Bo Gelian was stunned. "Does it not meet regulatory standards? That’s impossible! There were no problems when we imported the goods."

“Bo Gelian!" The police officer's voice became stern. "You’d better give an honest answer. Otherwise, we will find the evidence sooner or later. Then, your charges will be increased!”

Bo Gelian frowned upon hearing this. "How can you tell me to explain when I really don’t know?"

"If you don't know, why were the drugs at your warehouse?”

"How would I know this? Who knows if it was the downstream manufacturer who just included these boxes in our shipment?”

“Don’t you check it?” the police officer continued to interrogate.

"We have dealt with the manufacturer several times, and we trust each other. W
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