Chapter 1561 Made Matters Worse

Back at the office, Bauer handed over the contract to Ying Tian.

Ying Tian could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. After scanning through the contract, he immediately called Jin Fengchen to report.

“Young Master, Crimmings has signed it."


This was what he expected, so Jin Fengchen had no further reaction and only said, "Thank you very much, Ying Tian."

Ying Tian hurriedly said, "It's my duty."

"You can relax some of our actions against Crimmings’ company. After all, the Jin Group is now one of its shareholders. We can't let ourselves be a loss-making business."

“I understand, Young Master."

“Report to me immediately if there are any changes to the situation."


After hanging up, Jin Fengchen sneered. Things were about to get interesting.

With this capital injection, the situation at Crimmings’ company has gradually stabilized.

Crimmings breathed a long sigh of relief, and his anxious heart finally calmed down.

"Now that the situation has stabilized, can w
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