Chapter 1558 Taking Advantage Of His Misfortune

Crimmings was getting very frustrated with the problems at the domestic company when his cell phone rang suddenly.

It was Shangguan Qian.

He answered, "What?"

Shangguan Qian frowned slightly on the other end. "Why do you sound so confrontational?"

Crimmings remained silent.

"The crisis at your company is indeed not good, but what's the use of getting angry? That's just what these people want."

These people?

Crimmings caught the key point at once. "Do you know who is messing with me?"

"Of course I do."


“Who else could it be other than our sworn enemy, Jin Fengchen!”

Hearing the name ‘Jin Fengchen’, Crimmings stood up abruptly and slammed his fist on his desk. His eyes were mad with fury as he growled, "Jin Fengchen!"

Even across the phone, he could still feel how angry he was. Shangguan Qian curled his lips. "It is rumored that Jin Fengchen has regained his memories. This cruelty and ruthlessness is his true nature."

"Has he regained his memories?" Crimmings was sho
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