Chapter 1565 Better Not Be A Next Time!

“Come on. Is it worth it to get angry over that b*tch?” Lisa got up and patted Li Xi's back gently to soothe her.

Li Xi's expression was still ugly.

At this moment, Jiang Cheng walked in from the entrance. His cold gaze swept across Lisa and finally fell on Li Xi.

“Mister Jiang, you are back," Lisa greeted him with a smile.

Li Xi raised her head and met his cold gaze, an inexplicable chill ran down her spine.

What happened?

"Lisa, please leave." Jiang Cheng said in a cold tone.

"What's wrong?" Lisa also noticed that something was off with Jiang Cheng and smiled awkwardly.

"Xixi and I have something to discuss."

Since Jiang Cheng has already said so bluntly, Lisa could only leave tactfully.

Li Xi was a smart person. She immediately suppressed her anger, smiled, and asked, "Why are you back so early today?"

Jiang Cheng did not answer. His eyes were locked tightly on her face, and he approached her, step by step.

Feeling the strong pressure from the aura coming from him, Li
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