Chapter 1607 No Cure

The newest addition to the Jin family made things very lively and warm.

Employees of the Jin Group knew that the Jin family had a new son, and they also congratulated the Second Young Master one after another. As expected, it made the mood at the office very happy.

Compared with the Jin Group, the JR Group's branch was filled with the gnashing of teeth.

Li Xi sat sullenly in the office.

Every day, she was very busy, dealing with the problem of the chip. Why was Jin Fengchen so happy over there?

No, she could not go on like this!

Neither Shangguan Yuan before, nor Li Xi now can afford such a big loss!

She was not a sacrificial lamb!

Li Xi resentfully finished her work and went home as soon as she got off work.

When she got home, she saw Jiang Cheng sitting in the living room. Li Xi stepped forward, sat down next to him, and said, "I have finished the after-sales problem today. This group of people is quite difficult."

When Jiang Cheng heard this, he leaned over his body and
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