Chapter 1608 Beat Them At Their Own Game

After Jiang Cheng left, Mr. Wang immediately contacted the secretary of the Jin Group to make an appointment to visit Jin Fengchen.

As it happened, a meeting of Jin Fengchen’s in the afternoon was temporarily cancelled, and the secretary arranged for a meeting at that time.

In the afternoon, Mr. Wang confidently carried the box of tea to see Jin Fengchen.

"Hello, Chairman Jin." After entering the chairman's office, he said respectfully.

Mr. Wang couldn't say for sure why he was so afraid of him when he was more than ten years older than Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen nodded, "Please sit down."

"Chairman Jin, I know you love tea. As it turns out, I bought this tea recently, you can try it."

Mr. Wang took out the tea and handed it to Jin Fengchen as though it were a treasure.

Jin Fengchen frowned slightly, somewhat surprised, but only faintly said, "You’re too kind, Mr. Wang."

Mr. Wang smiled uneasily and handed out the project plan. "Chairman Jin, I'm here today to see if you’d be
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