Chapter 1626 Arrived in Y Country

At the Y Country Airport, an aircraft landed smoothly.

A handsome-looking man in a dark suit stepped out of the plane and a man leading several bodyguards went up to greet him.

"Mister Song Lan, we were sent by Mister York to pick you up." The leading man stepped forward, bowing respectfully to the handsome man.

The man before him was none other than Song Lan, who had been invited to Y Country.

Looking at the entourage before him, he could not help but feel a little surprised. He initially thought that he would be met by just an assistant at the airport.

It seemed that Mister York placed great importance on this matter.

Although he had not even met York, Song Lan could already feel his sincerity.

However, he was also used to seeing big entourages, so his expression remained faint as he nodded slightly and said, "Thank you for your hard work."

The fact was, he had already encountered several attempts as early as last week when he was still in D Country. There was one incident wh
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