Chapter 1628 No More Side Issues Pop Up.

On the other hand, after the group of robbers came out of the parking lot, they immediately drove back to the base.

The captain saw Eric standing by the window, shaking his red wine glass in a good mood.

He was very nervous. Although Eric was in a good mood now, when he got angry, he was also very scary.

Eric looked back and saw the captain trembling with bruises on his face and no Song Lan behind him, and knew that the mission had failed.

His face suddenly turned cold, and he put down his red wine heavily.

"Where is he?"

The captain's legs went soft, "I'm sorry boss, everything was going well, and we could bring Song Lan back. But from out of nowhere another group of people suddenly appeared, and we could not hold them off..."

Before he finished speaking, Eric kicked the captain in the stomach.


The captain firmly fell to the ground with a grunt, but he speedily got up and knelt on the ground.

Eric snarled, "Trash. You can’t even kidnap a single person. What need do I
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