Chapter 1627 Tripartite Talks

40 Minutes later, the car Song Lan was in arrived at the ground floor of the CAssidy Group.

“Mr. Song, we have arrived.” The first person got out of the car and opened the door for Song Lan.

Then, he led Song Lan upstairs to the guest lounge.

York was already waiting for him. When he saw him arrive, he got up and smiled at Song Lan as he extended his hand, “Hello, Mr. Song.”

Song Lan nodded in return as they clasped hands, “Hello, Mr. York.”

“Your reputation precedes you. Now that I’ve seen you, you really are handsome and sharp. I heard that something happened on the way here. Are you alright?”

York was fuming when he heard that Song Lan had been ambushed. He did not expect that the bunch of fellows would dare to take action against him.

If Song Lan were to have been harmed by them, he would have been in a difficult position.

Song Lan shook his head and said, “Thank you for your care Mr. York. I’m fine. The bodyguards you sent to me are excellent.”

“You have Chairman
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