Chapter 22 New Job out of Nowhere

Jiang Sese was in the dark about Jiang Nuannuan's intense malice.

The only thing she could do was worry about things.

Not only did she have the burden of her mother's treatment fees hanging over her head, but she couldn't even get a new job. She was so discouraged that she was deliberating being a temporary worker.

While she was still worrying, she received a call from an unfamiliar number.

The caller was the person in charge of a company called Jinse Creative Agency, who was pleased with her resume and wanted to hire her.

Jiang Sese's first reaction was that the company had to be a scam. She had neither heard of this company nor sent her resume to them.

Thus, she asked cautiously, "Is your company truly interested in hiring me? Don't you need me to do an interview?"

The woman on the other end of the line answered with utmost sincerity, "Right, no interview is necessary. We can get an understanding of a person's capabilities through her resume. You are an outstanding student, Miss Jian
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