Chapter 25 Who Do You Think You Are?

When Jiang Nuannuan noticed his odd behavior, she couldn't help asking in confusion, "What's wrong, Brother Sichen?"

Lan Sichen stared at the person in front of him with a complex expression. "It's… Jiang Sese," he replied.


His words caught the rest by surprise and they all turned to look. Sure enough, they saw a slender and elegant figure standing there.

She had changed drastically in the five years that they hadn't seen her.

Her features had become much more refined and she was also taller. No longer a fledgling beauty of the years past, she emanated the serenity and elegance of an orchid in an empty valley. It was the kind of standoffish temperament that kept people at an arm's length.

The conflict that Lan Sichen's parents felt was evident in their eyes.

Back then, this was the daughter-in-law of their choice. They had even watched her grow up. Unfortunately, she ended up doing something so humiliating later on.

Jiang Zhen, on the other hand, didn't show much of a reaction
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