Chapter 292 She Might Have Indigestion

Xiaobao ignored his grandmother's request and kept calling Jiang Sese mommy.

Mrs. Jin reminded him at first, but he continued to disobey her.

After a while, she just let him do whatever he wanted.

She thought of it as Xiaobao having a godmother.

That was Mrs. Jin's opinion.

However, Jin Fengyao misunderstood it as her accepting Jiang Sese, so he happily told Jin Fengchen, "Brother, good move."


"Mom is soft-hearted despite how tough she sounds. Now that you've moved my sister-in-law in, they'll be able to spend more time together, and Mom will surely treat her better."

Jin Fengchen raised an eyebrow. "You think I did it on purpose?"

"You didn't?"

"No," Jin Fengchen replied flatly. "My objective is simple: I just need someone to take care of Sese. Besides..."

He paused for a moment. "Mom hasn't acknowledged Sese."

"You're kidding. Didn't she..."

To Jin Fengyao, his mother tacitly agreeing to Xiaobao calling Jiang Sese mommy was as good as acknowledging the latter as
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Why doesn’t he want to know more about her past? She might actually be Xiaobao’s biological mother.

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