Chapter 307 A Plan Is Bound to Have a Flaw

Without evidence, there was nothing they could do about Jiang Nuannuan.

After some thought, Jin Fengyao suggested, "How about we go question her face to face? I'm sure she won't be strong enough to take it and will crack under the pressure."

"That won't be necessary." Jin Fengchen kept his gaze on Jiang Sese. His brooding eyes were like deep ponds that no light could penetrate. "As long as she did it, we'll find the proof eventually."

"You're right, but she's so cunning that I fear she'll destroy all the evidence."

"Where there's a plan, there's a flaw," said Jin Fengchen thoughtfully.

Jin Fengyao nodded. "All right. I'll have someone keep an eye on her."

He left after that.

Jin Fengchen and the still unconscious Jiang Sese were left alone in the ward.

Reaching out to caress her cheeks, he looked pained.

"Why is it that you can never take care of yourself?" he said quietly with a grunt.

Picking up her hand, he kissed it gently, then put it against his cheek. There was an almo
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