Chapter 305 She Had a Miscarriage

A black Land Rover hurtled down the highway, beating several red lights, while the traffic police chased after it from behind.

"You in the car in front, pull over to the side now!"

The traffic policeman's warnings kept on coming from outside their vehicle, but Jin Fengyao turned a deaf ear to them.

He kept his eyes on the road ahead of him, his expression solemn.


He ripped out his Bluetooth earpiece and threw it in the passenger seat angrily.

He had been unable to reach even Gu Nian for a while, much less his elder brother.

"What the hell is he so busy with?"

His hand that was wrapped around the steering wheel clenched continuously, as his facial features twisted into an even worse expression.


The car screeched to a halt outside the hospital. Jin Fengyao opened the door and got out, ready to enter the building.

The police cars behind him stopped as well. Two traffic policemen alighted from their vehicles and hurried over to stop him.


The man
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Moleboheng Molete
But when did Fengshen and Sese get intimate? ...
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Fania Amirkhan
How can the grandfather become 60 years and how is she pregnant without having intercourse Book is expensive Please get the story correct

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