Chapter 526 Soundproof Walls

After they were done at the archery range, the Qin Family took the family of three to somewhere else.

As it turned out, the Qin Family had its only horse farm, which was spacious enough for them to ride horses inside.

To Jiang Sese's surprise, Jin Fengchen was very good at riding as well.

He looked so handsome on the back of the horse that Jiang Sese couldn't bring herself to look away.

"How handsome he is! Is there anything that he can't do? No, I don't think so!"

Jiang Sese told herself in her head, her eyes sparkling.

She was very attempted as she watched the others riding in the field.

Unfortunately, she couldn't ride a horse while she was pregnant.

Jin Fengchen rode back to her side a while later.

An idea struck Jin Fengchen when he saw how eagerly Jiang Sese was eyeing the majestic-looking brown horse. He asked, "Do you want to stroke it?"

"Can... can I?" Jiang Sese asked excitedly.

Smiling, Jin Fengchen rubbed the horse's head to keep it calm and said, "Sure. It has a
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