Chapter 527 Investigate Sese's Mother

Jiang Sese hesitated a little before saying, "That's right. I've never heard my mother mentioning them, let alone you. I think I've heard something about it once. My mother has fallen out with her family because she wanted to marry..."

Her voice sounded sad in the quiet room.

"My mom would never have thought that the person she has paid such a high price to be with would end up abandoning her."

Jin Fengchen stroked back repeatedly to comfort her.

Jiang Sese forced a smile and slowly said, "She's never mentioned my grandparents to me, nor has she ever talked about returning home. I think she was too ashamed to see them."

Despite her fragile appearance, deep down, Fang Xueman was a very tough woman.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have raised Jiang Sese all by herself for so many years without asking for anyone's help.

Jiang Sese was confident that if her mother hadn't been in such bad health, she would have made great achievements in her own career.

She had never told other people how m
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