Chapter 530 Hunted

Jin Fengchen gestured for her to be silent with his hand and said, "I'm telling the baby not to give you trouble. Otherwise, I'll teach it a lesson once it's here."

Jiang Sese burst into laughter when she saw the earnest look on his face.

They were still enjoying their time alone when Jin Fengchen's phone began to ring.

All warmth was gone from his face as soon as he saw the number.

"Sese, I need to take care of something. Take a nap."

He quickly left the room after kissing her on the forehead.

Still sitting on the bed, Jiang Sese still felt perplexed and wondered how a phone call could upset him so much.

"Has something happened?"

She hastily walked over to the window and was just in time to see Jin Fengchen drive off.

She couldn't help but feel worried.

But she knew that she couldn't give him any actual help; all she could do was pray for his safety.

Jin Fengchen called the number back as he drove.

"What now? Haven't I told you not to call me?"

Katherine's voice came from
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