Chapter 547 Truly His Father's Son

Jin Fengchen felt his throat constrict dourly and his hands rose involuntarily to caress the bruises on his son's face. "Does it hurt?"

As he asked tenderly, his gaze panned down Xiaobao's brows.

The three summers abroad had seen Xiaobao a little taller and lanky, his features expanding as he grew.

And there was something about his brows that constantly reminded Jin Fengchen about Sese.

At times, he could even see Sese in him.

Xiaobao nodded meekly and replied, "It hurts, of course. That git Harry. He used his weight to pin me down, otherwise, I would have given him a huge wallop instead."

He looked up at Jin Fengchen, his eyes begging for comfort. Yet, despite feeling sorry for his son, Jin Fengchen understood the need for strict discipline.

His gaze hardened instantly.

He flicked a finger, rapping hard on his son's forehead and hissed with all his former warmth evaporated, "Good for you to know it hurts! Do you know how dangerous it could have been?! I gave you a baseball bat
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