Chapter 654 The World Suddenly Came Crashing Down

“So, you’re here to see this? I've even seen this. Mommy looks good in this photo. Let me open it for Mommy.”

As Xiaobao spoke, he excitedly opened the two little red booklets and put them in front of Jiang Sese, as though he were presenting a treasure.

Licking her dry lips, Jiang Sese opened her eyes to take a look.

With just one look, she froze on the spot.

When she saw the woman in the passport-sized photo, her heart felt like it was struck by lightning.

She was immediately panicked.

The woman in the photo was definitely her. She had not changed a bit.

The difference was that the girl leaning on Jin Fengchen was smiling widely. She looked happy.

Therefore, was she really Jin Fengchen’s wife?

Jiang Sese’s fingers were trembling. Her mind had gone blank.

Three years of her perceptions were overturned. The world suddenly came crashing down.

Her heart began to grow frantic.

She did not know how to face this truth. In her confusion, she stood up hurriedly and stumb
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Megha Goel
Release more chapters...why is it restricted to 1 chapter a day always?? Other stories have so many chapters!!!
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Yishinn Han
Speak from the heart & don’t listen to anyone as long as u don’t remember anything. Only ur heart knows who u love. Marrying someone u don’t love will not make everyone happy it always comes at regret. Don’t make to hard for sese & fengchen they been through rough a lot make there family happily.
goodnovel comment avatar
Drjg Chan
Too long winded Storyline can be shortened

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