Chapter 656 Would Soon Develop Schizophrenia

Fu Jingyun was quite disappointed, so he resorted to the next best thing and said, “Then promise me that you won't alienate me during this time. After all, my mother knows that our wedding is approaching.”


Jiang Sese had no other choice.

Fu Jingyun smiled contentedly upon hearing her promise.

This way, they would still go ahead with the wedding preparations, and Madam Fu would be none the wiser. She would still think that their relationship was developing well and would remain in a good mood.

Whenever she saw the two of them, she would take the initiative to ask how the preparations were going.

Jiang Sese did not know how to reply. It was always Fu Jingyun that had to lie through his teeth.

She grew tired of this, but she could not bring herself to say anything when she saw Madam Fu's happy smiling face.

If this went on, she feared she would soon develop schizophrenia.

However, Fu Jingyun told her that Madam Fu was recovering well. The doctor said that if she was in
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goodnovel comment avatar
Yishinn Han
I feel like I don’t understand the story about.
goodnovel comment avatar
Yishinn Han
It seems like the author wants sese to disappear? Don’t make us fool? If sese will get hurt in heart could it be possible she will regain her memory?
goodnovel comment avatar
Analisa Defensor Aspa
what is this, my dear author? what's your plan for jiang sese? i hope you will not perish her character in yout story...

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