Chapter 749 I Am Mo Xie

Xiaobao placed the hot milk on the table before helping Jiang Sese up, gently saying, “Daddy says drinking hot milk will make you feel better. Mommy doesn’t look happy. You’ll feel better after a glass of milk!”

As he spoke, Xiaobao passed the glass over.

Jiang Sese was flattered as she took the glass and sipped very slowly. She immediately felt warmth fill her heart.

She smiled as she looked in Xiaobao’s twinkling eyes, praising him, “I really do feel better after drinking this. Xiaobao is so smart!”

“It’s worth it as long as Mommy is happy.”

Xiaobao chuckled, his eyes full of youthful innocence.

Jiang Sese slowly finished the rest of the milk. She smiled gently. “Thank you, Xiaobao.”

Xiaobao cocked his head at Jiang Sese, “Mommy, do you want me to tell you a story?”

“Sure.” Jiang Sese nodded and gently caressed Xiaobao’s little head.

“A long time ago there was a little prince…”

However, as Xiaobao spoke, his eyes closed, and Tiantian also fell asleep next to hi
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