Chapter 753 That Was Then; Circumstances Have Changed Now

“Notify me immediately if there are any developments,” Jin Fengchen instructed.

“Yes,” Mo Xie acknowledged, then turned and left.

Jin Fengchen stared in his direction as he departed. He frowned even more.

A moment later, Gu Nian opened the door. “Young Master, this is our new cooperation agreement.”

Jin Fengchen glanced at it briefly, then signed his name.

Gu Nian recalled Mo Xie's solemn expression when he left and could not help but ask, “Young Master, the Young Madam, she…”

Hearing this, Jin Fengchen sneered. “Even Mo Xie can't do much. However, things are getting more and more interesting.”

Although he was smiling, the chill he emanated was terrifying.

Gu Nian asked, “Then what shall we do next?”

Jin Fengchen fingers slowly tapped on his desk and a hint of cruelty flashed through his eyes. “Since the other party wants to play this game with us, we’ll simply play along to the end.”

Containing his emotions, Jin Fengchen lifted his eyes, looked over to Gu Nian, and gave his orders in
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i am waiting for the final chapter ?

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