Chapter 754 The Is No Infection

“High-level management from both companies colluded with each other and replaced real red wine with inferior red wine. Obviously, there were kickbacks involved. According to the law, JS Group was the victim party. Jin Fengchen may even get paid damages.”

After Catalina finished, she looked at Fu Jingyun's gloomy expression amusingly and softly laughed.

The woman's ridicule annoyed Fu Jingyun, and he strode up to her.

Catalina smiled slightly and stared at him defensively, “What are you gonna do?”

Fu Jingyun smiled, then suddenly extended his hand and grasped her delicate jaw tightly, “Catalina, you are in my domain. What’s with the complacency?”

The strength in his grip made Catalina gradually lose her smile. However, she was not a person that was easily bullied either.

She twisted out of his grip, massaged her slightly sore jaw, and sneered. “The both of us are but insects on the same thread. We have the same interests; why would I ridicule you? If you fail, I would lose out too, woul
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