Chapter 748 Yours?

“Prepare the car. Cancel all plans for tonight. I’m going to JS Group.” Fu Jingyun stood at the French window and ordered darkly.

When his assistant heard that, he immediately said, “Chairman Fu, now is still not the time!”

The relationship between the Fu family’s vineyard and JS Group was still awkward. If the press got a photo of him entering JS Group, it might create unnecessary trouble for the company.

Fu Jingyun shot him a cold look. The immense pressure made the assistant gulp.

He spat out each word one by one, “Now is not the time? When I wait till she will never return to my side, will that be the time?”

Without waiting for the assistant to speak more, Fu Jingyun immediately threw the door open and left.

When the assistant snapped out of it, Fu Jingyun was long gone.

At the JS Group, Fu Jingyun was wearing a face mask as he walked to the front desk. He asked in a low voice, “Has a woman and a cute little girl appeared here in the past two days?”

The woman at the
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