Chapter 750 Listen To The Doctor

Jin Fengchen sensed that she had woken up and looked down at her.

Jiang Sese was caught off-guard meeting his eyes, and quickly evaded his heated gaze.

Looking out the window, she finally realized that the car had stopped. She asked in a slight daze, “We’ve arrived?”

“Yeah, we have. Mo Xie had gotten out.”

Jin Fengchen put his hand on her forehead and, upon finding that it was not too hot, took her out of the car.

What they saw was a fairly large research facility. As soon as they walked in, there were multiple labs. The medical equipment there was simply more complete than a hospital's.

There were many strangers in white lab coats walking around.

Looking in through the laboratory windows, they were all operating equipment with great familiarity. They all looked very professional.

Mo Xie walked over and led them privately to a room.

“Young Madam, please bear with us. We have to do a blood test.”

As he spoke, Mo Xie walked over with a syringe.

Jin Fengchen saw the s
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