Chapter 780 Examine Again

Roughly ten minutes later, after instructing the butler to watch Xiaobao and Tiantian, the both of them left.

Jin Fengchen drove himself, while Jiang Sese leaned against the shotgun seat, her eyes weary.

“Nap if you’re tired. I’ll wake you when we arrive.”

Jin Fengchen leaned over and helped pull the jacket over her, solemnly covering Jiang Sese’s chest.

“Yeah, okay.”

At that, Jiang Sese, who was more than tired, nodded obediently.

The car drove steadily on the road. The groves of trees zipped by rapidly, left behind as they sped past.

The afternoon sun shone on Jiang Sese’s fair face. When they were at a red light, Jin Fengchen turned to look at her.

Her features were soft, and she seemed exceedingly still in her sleep. She looked like a beautiful portrait and, in a moment, the image was etched into Jin Fengchen’s heart.

Jin Fengchen’s fingertips moved slightly, and he grazed her soft, supple skin.

From the pointed tip of her nose, he moved down to brush her crimson
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