Chapter 783 Hate To The Bone

What a repulsive man!

Catalina stomped her feet angrily, then left.

In the secluded alley behind the bar, Catalina took out her phone and made a call.

After getting through, she spoke with respect.

“Mr. Bo Gelian, the opportunity is almost upon us. Fu Jingyun now hates Jin Fengchen to the bone.”

Bo Gelian’s voice came from the other end of the line. “I see. How are your plans progressing?”

“Fu Jingyun does not agree to it, at present. However, I can tell that he’s almost over the edge,” Catalina said a little reluctantly.

Bo Gelian nodded on his end and praised, “Good. You’ve done well. Since he’s almost over the edge, then I’m not worried that he’ll disagree. I might even pay a personal visit soon.”

Hearing what Bo Gelian said, Catalina was surprised. “You’re coming here in person?”

“Yes. Fu Jingyun could be useful to us,” said Bo Gelian profoundly.

Catalina pondered it for a while and smiled. “Then, I await your arrival.”

“Continue observing Jiang Sese’s condition. I’m cur
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