Chapter 86 Xiaobao's Birthday Party

Jin Fengyao put her into the car after dragging her out of the apartment, then he drove the car away.

While he was driving, Jin Fengyao called someone to help Jiang Sese move her stuff to the new place.

He learned where Jiang Sese's new place was from the assistant when he was in the office earlier. He didn't think too much of it and told the people on the other side of the phone the exact address.

After he hung up the phone, Jiang Sese, who was just next to him, asked quizzically, "Second Young Master Jin, how could you know where I am moving to?"

Jin Fengyao only froze for a second. He then explained with a smile, "Didn't you tell me yourself just now when we were in your apartment?"

He couldn't help getting nervous. His brother had helped Jiang Sese find the apartment and had done so without her knowing. If it were to be exposed by him now, Jin Fengchen would kill him.

Jiang Sese found that very surprising. "Did I tell him that? I don't remember doing that."

Jin Fengyao tried
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