Chapter 90 You Brought It upon Yourselves

Standing in a corner, Su Qingyin couldn't help feeling smug. She even feigned concern and said, "Could there be a misunderstanding? Miss Jiang doesn't look like someone who would do this."

The corner of her mouth was upturned into a faint smile. Once this matter was blown up, Jiang Sese would be branded an impure woman of dubious background. She refused to believe that Master and Madam Jin would agree to let Jin Fengchen marry such a woman.

Qin Shuang's eyes were red. She couldn't look any more miserable.

"Chairman Jin, Madam Jin, please help us! The Lan and Jiang families bear you no grudge, but because of you, the Lan Group is in grave danger! That's our life's work!"

Madam Jin looked at Jin Fengchen. "Are they telling the truth? Did you target the two families because of her?"

She didn't sound as gentle as usual. The Jin Family's education had always been strict. How could she and her husband not be furious if Jin Fengchen had targeted the Lan and Jiang families because of his
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Ermatina Van Buuren
I’m enjoying the story but it’s gonna take sooooo long to read because it’s tooooo expensive to buy

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