Chapter 866 Cannot Help

Due to the uncles’ obvious intentions, the atmosphere at the dining area became awkward and tense.

Eldest Aunty was unhappy at the atmosphere.

However, she did not dare show her dissatisfaction. Instead, she smilingly said to Jin Fengchen, “Wouldn’t it be the same whether we ask you or your brother? We’re all one family. A family should always help each other, right?”

Second Aunty was unwilling to let her chance be snatched away by Eldest Aunty.

After the Eldest Aunty finished, she immediately interrupted. “Yes, it’s important to have a harmonious family. It’s just a project, right? Fengchen, could you please help your Second Uncle?”

The two women kept going at each other and totally overlooked that Old Man Fang’s mood was turning foul.

The two uncles were the same as well. All they did was look toward Jin Fengchen with hopeful eyes, waiting for his reply.

“My apologies. I just returned to the country not long ago, so I’m not very clear about the company’s business. I can’t hel
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