Chapter 874 Snatch Her

Jiang Sese and her family took the plane back to their country early the next morning.

It was night time in Milan, Italy. The Milan at night was like a work of art.

When the sky had turned completely dark, Fu Jingyun was finally done with work.

He left the research facility and was preparing to leave.

In the parking lot, a tall, pretty woman was leaning against his car.

Catalina saw Fu Jingyun from afar.

She waved at him. There was visible happiness in her eyes.

Fu Jingyun frowned a little at first, then unfolded his frown.

He expressionlessly retrieved his car keys and unlocked the door, then entered the driver’s seat.

Catalina casually got into his passenger seat.

Her legs were crossed when she sat down. She then looked directly at Fu Jingyun.

“Jingyun, Jiang Sese’s returned to France.”

Her words were to test him. Fu Jingyun’s grip on the steering wheel tightened a little. There was a gloomy light in his eyes.

He replied with an unbothered expression.

Catalina could tel
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