Chapter 885 I Do Not Need Things Like These

Hearing the curiosity in Fang Yiming’s words, Fang Cheng arched his eyebrows and said, “Of course it’s true. Jin Fengchen’s close assistant told me this personally. However, Jin Fengchen has a condition. He wants to meet the person in charge of the SA Group. Yiming, what do…”

As soon as he spoke, Fang Yiming on the other end of the line went into deep thought.

A moment later, he made a decision. “Coincidentally, the person in charge of the SA Group will be in the country in the next few days. Jin Fengchen can come to the capital and meet the person in charge.”

“Okay. I’ll tell Jin Fengchen.”

After hanging up, Fang Cheng did not call Gu Nian. Instead, he called Jin Fengchen directly.

“Fengchen, the person in charge of the SA Group will be in the capital over the next few days. When would you be free to meet with him?”

Fang Chen did not call him Chairman Jin. He naturally used his relation to Jiang Sese to be informal with him.

When Jin Fengchen heard this, he thought for a
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