Chapter 887 Be There On Time

Jin Fengchen did not plan to fool him. He said honestly, “Somebody injected a pathogen into Sese’s body. Western Regions Chinese aconite is one of the components in the pathogen. Coincidentally, in this cooperation with Fang Cheng, the other party’s request is a long term supply of this herb, so…”

Jin Fengchen did not finish his sentence, but Fang Yuchen could already guess what he meant. He was aghast with shock despite himself.

He had never thought that this was the reason behind Jin Fengchen’s cooperation with Fang Cheng.

When Fang Yuchen came back to his senses, he asked out of concern, “How is Sese now? Can we get rid of this pathogen?”

“She’s fine. It’s under control for now, but as long as the pathogen is in her, there is no way for us to relax.”

When Fang Yuchen heard this, he was very worried as well. However, there was nothing he could do to help.

He could only give Jin Fengchen a few words of comfort. Finally, he said sincerely, “If you need me in the future, jus
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