Chapter 892 To Our Partnership, Mr. Feng

“Pierce, this partnership is very important to us. We cannot allow there to be any mistakes! If anything happens, I’ll hold you responsible!”

After the man spoke, he immediately hung up.

At that moment, Pierce began to feel a cold sweat up his back.

Among everyone, he did not want to mess up the most. If not, he would face a fate worse than death when he returned.

After that, Pierce went to the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face. After he freshened up, he returned to the table.

Pierce had already composed himself. He pulled a chair and sat down before saying, “Mr. Feng, In order to facilitate our future partnership, I can tell you what our use is for the herbs.”

Jin Fengchen looked at him indifferently as he nodded slightly, signaling him to continue.

Pierce cleared his throat. “As for our use for these herbs, it’s because our company has been constantly engineering a pathogen. When it is complete, it can assist in strengthening someone’s immune system, it can
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