Chapter 97 A Fate Worse Than Death

Su Qingyin was just as nervous as her cousin. If it was revealed that Su Xinrui was the perpetrator, Jin Fengchen might peg her as a black-hearted woman.

To begin with, he didn't hold much affection for her. If he hated her as well, she would have no hope that he would ever fall for her.

"I understand, Cousin," Su Xinrui said softly.

Suddenly, there was a knock on their door and the voice of a bodyguard drifted in. "Miss Su, are you inside?"

Su Xinrui felt her heart leap to her throat. The two of them stood up and opened the door.

"Miss Xinrui, Young Master Jin wishes to see you. Please come with us."

"Huh? Why is he looking for me?" Su Xinrui asked in confusion, acting as if she didn't know anything.

"We have no idea either. Please just come with us."

Su Xinrui left with the bodyguards, with Su Qingyin tagging along.

Inside the room, Li Mu was lying on the floor. His face was a mask of anguish. When he saw Su Xinrui, he yelled, "That's her! Young Master Jin, she's the one who
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