Chapter 96 Break His One Arm

Jin Fengchen walked out of his room and found his brother waiting for him.

Jin Fengyao stepped forward and asked, "Brother, how is Sister-in-law?"

"She's fine." He looked at Jin Fengyao. "How did this happen?"

He was, naturally, referring to how Jiang Sese fell into the sea.

Jin Fengchen looked somber as Jin Fengyao told him everything.

"I was heading back to my room for the night when I heard Sister-in-law's voice on the deck on the second floor. When I walked over, I found her in an argument with a man. That man… seemed to be harassing her. Sister-in-law told him not to touch her, but the man went too far. Sister-in-law accidentally fell into the sea in order to resist him."

Jin Fengchen's face turned even darker. So that was it. He knew it; Jiang Sese wouldn't have fallen into the sea for no good reason.

"Where is he?" he asked coldly.

Jin Fengyao could detect the intense anger in his brother's simple three-word question. That man was truly unfortunate, but he only had himse
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