Chapter 927 To Sow Discord

“Who? Who offered a higher price?”

Pierce watched as John stood up anxiously, and could not help but wonder what Mister Feng was saying over the phone.

“I’m sorry, I can't disclose that,” Jin Fengchen replied.

John was furious when he heard. “You!”

“Mister John, by virtue of our relationship, I would like to kindly point out that, other than yourself, what other party is in need of such a large quantity of medicinal herbs?”

With this, John realized that things were not as simple as it seemed.

“Mister Feng, could you be more specific?” he said.

“I have said everything that I needed to say. Farewell.”

He hung up.

“Damn it!” John threw the phone on the desk.

“Mister John, what seems to be the matter?”

Pierce asked curiously as he stepped forward.

John took a deep breath, suppressed the raging anger in his heart, and said, “Someone has offered a higher price and intercepted the medicinal herbs that we require.”

Pierce blurted out immediately, “Impossible. Apart from us, who e
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