Chapter 926 He Will Be Fine

Jin Fengchen’s trembling heart finally went back to normal as he carefully put the remaining drugs away so as not to lose it.

Although the drug was having a positive effect, Jiang Sese did not seem too happy about it.

She frowned and looked solemn.

Upon seeing this, Jin Fengchen thought for a moment and asked, “Are you worried about Fu Jingyun?”

Jiang Sese did not deny it. “Yes. He joined that research laboratory for me. If he is found out, his life will be in danger.”

Although Fu Jingyun was partially responsible for the situation she was in now, had he not saved Tiantian and her back then, they would probably not be alive today.

He has now completely ignored his own safety and infiltrated Bo Gelian’s research laboratory in order to save her.

If he was put in harm’s way because of her, then she would not be able to explain it to his parents. She would have to live with this guilt for the rest of her life.

Jin Fengchen grasped her shoulders tightly, looked her straight in the e
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