Chasing after Him

Chasing after Him

By:  epitomeyours  Ongoing
Language: English
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Pretending to be someone you don't want to be, is the most difficult thing that Mallory has done. She needs to do this, for her to continue helping her parents. She will pretend to be Canon's wife. Canon, the most intelligent man when it comes to business, he's unpredictable and hard to read. A ruthless man who will eventually meet a soft-spoken lady that will make his life turn upside down. “Pretend, don't cross the line. You just have to pretend, Mallory. I will never consider you as my real wife. Never in my life.”

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Patrick Sandah
Great story
2021-11-10 04:14:17
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why its not updating
2021-08-28 08:36:11
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Ebube James
What an interesting book
2021-03-13 22:43:07
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Esther Edimeh
interesting book but the sentences are not all correct
2021-07-31 14:52:16
user avatar
Nic K
Oh dear, this is bad.. bad writing, grammatik Even worse.. I am trully sorry. ......
2021-11-05 00:29:42
26 Chapters
PROLOGUE“Get out! You sl*t! I will never let you step in my house!” He shouted right in front of my face. My hands are shaking while packing my clothes. I was caught off guard when he grab my arms and almost throw me outside. My tears are flowing nonstop. I never imagined that this day will come, I never imagined that he will eventually hurt me like this. This is out of my fantasy, maybe I always fantasized about the image of him hugging me tight and saying I love you every morning. I always imagine myself being kissed by him and I forgot that he will never love me. All this time, I thought we were something. I thought he already loved me. I'm just assuming things, now he's in front of me, mad at me. I can't stand seeing myself treated like trash, I stand up and gather some strength to finally left our home. I consider myself his wife the moment I married him, but it felts like he never treated me the way he should treat his wife. I touch my tummy, Baby it's alright we can live wit
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Chapter 1I have been exhausted by the sudden event that happened earlier. He let me go but he warned me to never hide anywhere since he will find ways to search for me. I hate this life. Out of the blue I needed to marry someone. I will never let anyone dictate my life.“How's Dad?” I asked my Mommy. She looks so tired from taking care of my father, I knew that feeling since I also took care of Dad the whole day when my Mom wasn't around.“He's fine now. We should just follow the advice of the doctors, he will take medicines and have regular checkups. I don't know where we will get enough money to pay for all the expenses.” She's crying right now. I comfort her and I almost jump in horror when my old phone rang to life.“Hello? Who's this?” I asked since it was an unknown caller. I just heard a gasp from the other line so I asked again.“It's me. We needed to get married as soon as possible.” I shivered when I heard that familiar voice. That man! God, I thought that was just a prank,
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Chapter 2“Sign all the papers in front of you.” He commanded. I sighed and closed my eyes. I need to do this, after the contract, everything will be back to normal.I signed all the papers and gave them to him. He smirked as if he finally claims his most precious award. I can't stand the fact that I'm married now without my dream of walking down the aisle, kissing my husband. I just signed this piece of paper and I'm married now. All my hopes and dreams are shattered into pieces.He left me dumbfounded. He already gave me his bank account and let me visit my parents but before dinner, I needed to go home. Home.. this is not home felts like.I paid all the hospital bills and my Mom was shocked when I suddenly had money to pay all the expenses. I just assure her that everything is fine. I borrowed money from a friend.Just like what Canon reminds me of. I get home before dinner, the maids informed me that Canon isn't home yet. So I proceed to my room and rest a bit. I heard a knock on t
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Chapter 3I heard a knock on the door of my room. I just cover myself with a blanket, I don't feel like talking to any of them now.“It's Tessa.” She's one of the maids who assist me, she helps me familiarize all the stuff going on, in this mansion. I let her in.“I'm sorry for what happened earlier, Sir scolded you because of us.” I immediately shook my head.“No, it wasn't your fault. He's the narrow-minded one, there's nothing wrong in doing household chores. He thinks that he's the God of all using having plenty of money!” I angrily said. I heard a fake cough from the entrance of my door, my eyes widen when I saw Canon, he was standing while his arms crossed. I immediately look away.The hell. I didn't notice he was there! Tessa hurriedly left my room and excuse herself. Canon enters my room and locks my door. My heart is beating so fast.“Can we talk?” He asked. I turn my back on him.“You're already talking.” I awkwardly stated. He just chuckle, this is the first time I heard him
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Chapter 4I grab his hand and brought him into the garden. I set up our dinner there and he didn't expect what I'd done. He remained silent and just stared at my setup. He looks so mad and left me there. I was confused by his reaction.What is wrong? I just thought it would be made him happy. He's confusing. Patience, Mallory. You will eventually get to know him more, just understand him. I'm on the verge of crying but I didn't let myself. I fear rejection but one thing learned from it, you have to accept that things aren't for you.I just stayed in my room. Tomorrow is another day, I will have a good day tomorrow. I woke up from the knock in my room, Tessa brought a paper bag containcontainingform as a secretary. I jump in bliss and hug Tessa. Finally, I've got a job. This is my dream.I was scared when I step my feet in the floor of Canon's company. I didn't see him this morning so I assume that he came to his work early than usual. I can't stand how rude he is, but I don't have any
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Chapter 5I immediately grab my hand from his hold but he didn't let me. Instead, he look closely at my hand and removed the piece of cloth covering my wound. I flinched at how painful it is.“You're so careless. Will you please take care of yourself? You didn't do any good.” He said coldly and I was on the verge of crying. He's still blaming me, I don't ask for him to heal my wounds.“Let go of me,” I said while crying. I can't take it anymore. I hate him so much. I'm in pain and yet he's being rude to me. He can just let me sign the papers and let me slip away from his sight until he can file for a divorce. But why he's keeping me anyway?“No. We still needed to heal your wounds.” He said with finality. He called someone to bring a first aid kit to his office. The one who brought a first aid kid looked so confused about why I did get injured. Canon sit in front of me, he held my hand softly. He's so much focusing on healing my wounds. He stops doing his work just to aid my hand. I ca
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Chapter 6I was dumbfounded when Canon said that. I can't describe how I felt. I felt like my heart was broken into pieces. I know he's rude but I sometimes wish that he will eventually change his personality. I know I needed to endure the pain I'm feeling right now.We rode back home in his car, and none of us talk for the whole ride. I just kept my mouth shut, I don't have any strength to keep up with his rudeness right now. I just sit there while looking through the car's window. I'm sightseeing the view outside, there are different lights from the stores and buildings we see along the way.I smiled to myself when I remember my precious time with Daddy. We used to stroll around the road at night and look for cheap food. I can remember how simple our life is, now we can't predict what will happen next.I lose myself and drown in sleep. I was awakened by the man's voice.“Wake up!” He shouted. I was shocked by the tone of his voice. It was none other than, Canon. He left me there the
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Chapter 7I gasped. I shook my head and just ignore his presence. I have the right to remain silent. I'm still mad at him, he's been pissing me off lately. I might do something that will also passim off.“Answer me.” He said. I just continue what I'm doing right now even though my hand is shaking. I can feel his gaze towards me.“Look at me.” He demanded. I didn't follow what he said. He touched my chin and let me look at him. My eyes widen when I smell his breath. He's too close! I examined his face, he looks so beautiful with that pointed nose, thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, kissable lips, and soft yet manly skin. I smell his scent. “Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked and he immediately let me go. He felt the awkwardness between us. I don't even know how to speak a word to him.“I rejected him because I'm already married,” I said. He look surprised by what I said. Does it sound surprising? Isn't it the proper way to do it in a marriage? I can stay loyal to him even if h
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Chapter 8I can't forget what happened yesterday. I hope Canon will eventually change himself so I will no longer need to deal with his rudeness. I quickly changed and ready myself to work. I went downstairs and I didn't see Canon. A driver also approached me that he will send me to the office since Canon go to work early.It's unusual for him to go to work early since he usually goes to the gym first to work out before he ready himself for work. He has a healthy lifestyle and he always disgusts me whenever I ate in-can food. He always eats a salad which is food for animals. Sorry to offend you guys but Canon looks like an animal. I laughed at my thoughts and the driver look at me as if I'm a mental hospital patient.I immediately look for Canon in his office but I didn't see him. Where the hell he is? Janice approach me as always, she clung herself to my shoulder.“Let's go to the mall later! I want to buy new lipsticks!” She said cheerfully, I just agreed since it's been a long time
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Chapter 9I felt awkward when I realized what I have done last night. I had some guts to stare at him while sleeping when in fact he's rude when he's awake! What the hell is wrong with my eyes?I saw Canon eating some breakfast and I immediately sat in front of him silently. I only heard our spoons and pork hitting our plates while eating, we didn't speak any words to each other. I hate this silence. I was about to greet him a good morning but he stood up and left me there alone. He also signals that we're going to work already so I immediately ready myself. AThroughoutour the ride heading to the office, none of us speak a word. We just listen to music and felt the breathing of each other. I don't know if he's acting the usual since he's always silent, second if he knew that it's awkward for me as if he does care about what I feel or he hates how annoying I am. The latter is the most accurate though.We finally reached the office and I headed first so that no one can see us together.
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