Micheal in school,First day of work


(She's just naive)

Genres; Thriller


By, baby favour


(Malcolm Mansion)

Nora dresses up happily and can't wait to get to school,she is never happy going to school but today she's just because she can't wait to be Mr handsome again.

She put on a white snickers with matching headwarmer,black flare shirt and white t-shirts.

Just today she deside to be a good student with others.

On a normals only the other students wear the school uniform,for Malcolm Nora it an exception likewise for every important kids in the school eventually how Enuice make her dressing worst of tops.

Yesterday was just normal and their pictures have been trending on social Media since yesterday night and she can't be more happy about it.

She plugged in her ear pod and danced happily down the stairs humming her favourite song along.

"Looks like someone is happy?" Micheal asked, seeing Nora dancing down the stairs.

"Good morning sweetheart" she smiled out dimples pecking
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