First day of work


(She's just naive)

Genres; Thriller


By, baby favour

She takes slow but steady steps in with her heels. Usually everyone knows Ulan won't want to twist her leg because of heels that she's not comfortable with.

Her high waist shirt fitted and her white shirt tucked in perfectly,her hair swayed to the front falling freely,her makeup not too much or plain and her nails well polished.

"Good morning sir" Her simple voice came out beautifully to ear,guess dear Hardin is bent on not having a secretary to notice such a beautiful tiny voice.

"You are the new secretary?" Hardin caught off her greetings looking at her mode of dressing, retracing his eye ball from her head to toe frequently.

"Yes sir" She replied anger boiling in her with the way he is looking at her.

"What'sname?" He asked coldly.

Ulan brought out her file and dropped it on his table pushing it to his front gently as she can be.

"I asked you,your name and you drop your documents on my t
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