7. Attack

Liam gave me some books to read, telling me I should know the pack laws and other important stuff. How he said it made me realize I had no choice, and it made my despise for him grow. However, I couldn’t deny these growing feelings inside me. I knew it was the mate bond because these feelings weren’t healthy.

If Liam was right, and I knew he was. I couldn’t stop it, I could already feel it. He only had to look at me in a certain way, and my insides melted. Every bit of hate I had towards him vanished as if it was never there.

And all I wanted was his touch, to have him near. And for him to fuck me—Aachh, I hate myself.

I knew he was mad, or better said, hurt by what happened today. However, he didn’t have to give me the silent treatment during dinner and rush out to get away from me when we were done.

I sighed, leaning back on the couch and flipping through some pages. Somehow, I couldn’t focus enough to read it, so I only glanced at the pictures.

I hoped that the wolf from to
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