8. Emotions


I groaned and tried to move my aching body while I lay on the cold hard floor. I struggled to open my eyes and scampered up, holding onto the doorpost, fearing I might fall again if my legs wouldn’t stop trembling.

I straightened myself as best as possible and took a deep breath. I immediately whimpered, feeling the bruises on my ribs. I lifted my shirt, and tears brimmed my eyes when my skin had purple bruises covering my ribs and hips.

“Anxiety attacks my ass,” I sighed in defeat. I had shown my therapist these bruises many times before, but she still didn’t believe me there was something else going on. She believed I did this to myself, but how?

I limped to the shower, needing the hot water to soothe my body. Pulling my lips behind my teeth to stop myself from crying, I undressed, stepped under the scorching hot shower, and sighed.

I had no idea what time it was or how long I stood in the shower, but slowly, very slowly, the pain beneath my skin faded enough for me
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