Indebted to Alpha Darrell

Indebted to Alpha Darrell

By:  Philippa  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alpha Darrell Wilbur observed her silently for a few moments. " I didn't save your life to let you go, sweetheart. You will forever be indebted to me. "  Oh, heck___ was she supposed to owe him that long?  But she couldn't decline the bossy, cold and arrogant Alpha in front of her, knowing that if he saved her life, then he could also take her life.  " And your silence makes me believe you agree with me. " She stammered, " all my life___ "  He interrupted. " Yes, all your life. This is the life you would have lost, if not for me. Do you want to protest? "  " No. . . I can't, if I wanted to. . . " " Go and change, we have a party this night. "  If she correctly knew the meaning of in debt, she was certain it had nothing to do with being bossed around. Say it and your dead! her instincts warned her. . .  " Move, " he stood. " Or, I shall move you. "  Oh, no! He annoyed her. And the funniest thing was that he knew he annoyed her but he had no care in the world.  Jenna's clumsy feet wouldn't move.  He walked to her. " You'll do as I say puppet___ "  Puppet? Hell! Now she was a puppet.  He ran a finger lightly down her nose, and suddenly that touch of his skin on hers seemed to get to her.  She wanted to say something, but nothing came. " You have no choice, " Darrell blurted, and taking her unresisting by the shoulders, he gently laid his mouth against hers.  " If you are stupid enough to think that you have paid even a little of your debt by letting me kiss you, then you are a big joker. Whenever I kiss you, know that you are in more debts than your little brain, can ever think of. " 

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Before you read further, I will like to let you know this:They threw her to the wolves.When she was an innocent child and begging for her life.But be preparedbecause that childis turned into a fierce she wolf who iscompletely wild but pretends not to know who and what she is. When she returns, every one of them will have to pay for their deeds. Unfortunately, including the innocent ones. But let's hope that Alpha Darrell can change her, after all, she will soon become indebted to him. And this means that if he says she shouldn't have her revenge, then who is she to have her revenge? They may both be different but are unique in the same way. First werewolf novel, first she wolf novel. I hope you appreciate it! Happy reading! {JENNA'S POV}Earlier that day. . . The multistorey car park was on the other side of town, on pillow street. I SIGHED, knowing I'll be dripping with sweat by the time I get there. As I walked, I rummaged in my handbag for the ticket I'll need to feed the
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I swallowed hard, squared my shoulders and rang the bell. After a short while the door opened and the dark-haired, blue eyed Alpha stood there. The blue eyed Alpha silently studied me.I am blonde haired and grey-eyed, above average height. And I have a slender build. I'm sixteen years old. I was wondering why he was studying me. Was my face pale or what? " I'm___ " He chimed in. " Jenna, right? " he said with a look of toughness there in his eyes that suggested ' DON'T TANGLE WITH ME OR ELSE YOU ARE UP TO IT '. " Come in, " he invited. I crossed over his threshold and he closed the door. I waited and then followed him from a most elegant hall into his drawing room, which was the last word in elegance___ " Take a seat, " he suggested when I stood in the middle of his plush carpet wishing I could remember just a little of how I got here. " Thank you, " I murmured. " Do you remember the last thing that happened before you got here? " he enquired as I settled myself on one sofa
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Alpha Darrell Wilbur observed her silently for a few moments and sat down. Then coolly remarked, " I didn't save your life to let you go, sweetheart. Like I said you will forever be indebted to me. " Oh, heck___ was she supposed to owe him that long? Forever?But she couldn't decline the bossy, cold and arrogant Alpha in front of her, knowing fully well that if he saved her life, then he could take her life as well. " And your silence makes me believe you agree to the fact that you owe me. Decline and I shall have your head, " he said sharply. She began to stammer, " all my life___ " He interrupted her. " Yes, all your life. This is the life you would have lost, if not for me. Do you want to protest? " " No, I've tried. . . I can't, if I wanted to. . . " she returned drily. " Quick. Go and change, we have a party this night, " he said. If she correctly knew the meaning of in debt, she was certain it had nothing to do with slavery or being bossed around. Say it and your dead! he
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In a very large and exquisite ballroom, filled with lights and exotic designs, were lots of people. The atmosphere in the place was that of a joyful and ceremonial one. The place was extremely large and could contain over a hundred people. Darrell and Jenna walked through a large door that led to the ballroom and they seemed to get a lot of attention. Darrell walked hand in hand with Jenna and kept a smiling face on. He was wearing a black suit with a moderate sized black designer tie to match up. He looked handsome, and gave off the vibe of a respectable gentleman. Jenna on the other hand was wearing a blue gown. It was nicely tailored to fit her… or should we say, Selena, as that used to be her clothing. The dress made her look sensational enough and didn’t hesitate to expose the shape of her nice curves. She was trying to look nice and friendly but she was gulping hard on the inside. ‘He just wants to use me for a show… I should act properly.’ She thought and tried smili
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“ How could he? “ Damian muttered angrily. Rage was literally bouncing inside him, fighting to get out and vent himself. In his eyes foretold hell to pay for some poor fool. His face was smug. He was pushing the files on his desk to the floor. Poor desk! He was pouring his frustration on the desk. Banging and hitting it like a Maniac. “ How could those fools believe that Jenna is Selena? Are they blind? Why didn’t he step down from his position? Oh Darrell, you will regret this___ “ “ Regret what? “ an older lady of about forty years interrupted him, as she walked in. She was tall, curvy and had beautiful emerald eyes. She was dark-haired too. “ Gwen, do me a favor and leave me alone, “ he sneered bitterly. “ You can’t talk to me like that, I am your mother, “ she said firmly. “ That is the least of my problem mother, “ he said and began to go. “ What’s bothering you? “ Gwen cut in. “ Your petty questions, that’s what bothers me. What do you think you can possibly do if I t
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Chapter 6 "With what I'm seeing, don't you feel like I should strip you of your rank as the leader of the moonlight pack?" Darrell's father yelled. Darrell had a sad look on his face. They were in the living room of his mansion where Darrell's father was scolding Darrell and talking some sense into his head. "I'm sorry father. Like I said, I will find a solution to this." Darrell tried to defend himself but only ended up making his father even angrier. "And what exactly are you going to do? Wage war on the Crescent pack? In case you've forgotten, we've lost most of our pack members to them..." He argued as he tried to make Darrell see things from his point of view but he was interrupted. "In case we have to wage war against them, I'll personally lead the pack and we shall emerge victorious." Darrell refuted. His father shot him a disdainful look, one that would make even a non-offender feel guilty. "Look at you... speaking like a child. Even if we wage war against them, at wha
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Three days later, in cold dark woods, various growls could be heard. Many black animal silhouettes were moving speedily through the woods. Ten big wolves were running frantically and they were all heading to one particular direction. They reached a valley and they all stopped. The leader of this pack looked around and let out a loud howl. The rest of the pack did the same thing and they all howled collectively. The howl traveled far for almost ten miles. After becoming silent for a while, this particular pack heard howls from a different pack. They all turned to the direction the howls were coming from and showed signs of hostility. Any howl that didn't come from any of their pack members, definitely came from the enemy. Thus, wolves tend to be aggressive towards that. The Alpha growled and ran forward. The rest of the pack followed and they all headed towards where the howls were coming from. They ran for almost three miles before having an encounter with a foreign wolf. T
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Alpha Darrell sighed heavily. How could they reject my proposal? he wondered. He sat there in his study room, seething and brooding and contrarily wondering why it was that he was so angry. Who wouldn't be?A knock sounded on the room. " Come in, " he yelled angrily. The door opened and Jenna came in. One look at his face and she could assume the worst had just happened to him. " Good evening, Alpha Darrell, " she greeted. " What is good about the evening? " Alpha Darrell growled. " Why are you here? " " Why are you being rude to me? What have I done to annoy you? " she asked frowning. " Nothing. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pour out my angry at you, " he said gravelly. " But you did anyway, " she said frowning. " Why are you angry? What upsets you? " He stood up and began pacing the room. " Everything. Everything upsets me. You shouldn't ask, there's nothing you can do about it, " he said grimly. " A problem shared is a problem half solved. Haven't you heard of that adage? " s
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