Internet Cafe in a Xianxia World

Internet Cafe in a Xianxia World

By:  Shi Qin  Ongoing
Language: English
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Qin Feng casually gave a response, and then he was sent into a new world.The god of destiny made fool of him. He was only given an Internet cafe and a system. In order to survive, he had no choice but to continue running his Internet cafe, offering services at high prices. Among people's mocking and cursing, the Internet cafe bloomed. In this world, he witnessed competitions, enjoyed the freeness, made mistakes, and forged his own Dao!

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50 Chapters
Volume 1 Tianyun Martial Arts School-Chapter 1 The Opening of Tiandao Internet Cafe
I found it in the old attic of my previous home, which was my grandfather's book.Wiping away the dust from the book, I opened it.This should be a long story...……The sky was shrouded in mist as the sun rose in the east, and the seven countries of Huaxia were full of flowers, spreading all kinds of legends.Tianyun City, one that had never faded in the warring states, was one of the thirteen major cities of State of Qin.The city was made of green bricks and was inlaid with various kinds of pearls, all of which showed its prosperity.There were countless pavilions and buildings on the streets. There were also many magic herbs and artifacts. It was too much for the eyes to take in. All the cultivators with treasured swords on their backs passed through, constantly asking about the suitable treasures.When Tianyun Martial Arts School opened, all the young people ran around the bus
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Chapter 2 The Charm of Dungeon and Fighter
"Welcome to Arad."Accompanied by a hint, an ancient, deep cartoon picture slowly emerged. Immediately, two words came up with in Lin Tian's mind.Forging Masters. In the world of cultivators, there were always some people who chose to pursue a new path. They would devote their mind and soul into magical artifact, striving to forge a great number of miraculous stuff.As for the thing called "computer" before his eyes, he had never heard of it before. The only explanation was that there must be a Forging Master behind Qin Feng, who backed him up.At this, Lin Tian couldn't help panting, wondering when this guy got such a powerful supporter."Why so mute? Chop-chop! Put on VR glasses.""Ah?" Lin Tian wagged his head, feeling totally strange to this pair of glasses.Qin Feng patted his head, and then put the virtual reality glasses on the fat boy.However, Lin Tian felt darkness came
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Chapter 3 An Emerging Internet Addiction Youth
"Little Fu, give it to him."Then he looked at Qin Feng fiercely, "If I find out it is just a kickshaw, I will immediately ask someone to smash it."Qin Feng smiled. "As long as you are willing."According to Qin Feng's instructions, the youngster clicked the icon of "Dungeon and Fighter", namely DNF, put on the virtual projector, and soon entered the game."This, is this just a game, not another world that exists actually?"Looking at the huge forest next to him, the young man's eyes were filled with shock. Especially when he saw the moment the universe collapsed, he felt his blood surging as well.Soon, several taskbars appeared in front of him. At a glance, they were all in distinct styles, but all of them exuded an aura of the strong.Attracted by a warrior holding a cross, he chose the Crusader as his role.Similarly, he was also teleported to the Alad Continent, facing the d
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Chapter 4 Alarming the Tianyun Martial Arts School
"Since Young Master Mo has such a strong request, let's have a look for it.""Humph, if not for the fact that we have a close relationship, you wouldn't even have a chance. Remember, don't cause trouble in the shop. There is a somebody as a guardian.""A guardian?"The two of them looked blankly at Mo Wen, who seemed serious, and couldn't help but nod.After Mo Wen returned home, he even investigated the last three generations of this shop. However, it was indeed an ordinary place. Now that such a large number of magical artifacts had suddenly appeared, the only explanation was that a big shot had taken a fancy to this place.When the three arrived at the Internet Cafe, they found that Tiandao Internet Cafe's door was tightly shut. One of them couldn't help complaining."Young Master Mo, this shop shows no respect for us. It seems that I have to teach them a lesson."Mo Wen didn't care about t
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Chapter 5 Rules Shouldn't Be Changed
As the conversation ended, everyone's attention was diverted to the entrance of the store except for the first four youths who were there at the beginning.At this moment, the person standing at the entrance of the store was Tianyun Martial Arts School's Presbyter, Feng Tiangui.When they saw Feng Tiangui, almost everyone showed a slightly alarmed look.Thump.After one person fell to his knees, the rest of the people followed and fell to their knees one after another.Seeing such a scene, Qin Feng pursed his lips.No matter how stupid he was, he could know that he had unknowingly caused big trouble.Through the original memory of this body, he really didn't know the old man who was about sixty or seventy years old.However, there was no doubt that the old man was powerful and unkind with a strong background."Stubborn? Ignorant boy, are you talking about me?"
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Chapter 6 Fatty Lin, You Are Screwed
"Young Master Mo, what should we do now? Young Master Mo!"Not long after Feng Tiangui left, Feng Qi, who was still sitting on the seat, asked Mo Wen after looking at Huang Yan.But Mo Wen looked at Feng Qi and waved his hand impatiently."Didn't Elder Feng just say that only those who haven't taken the afternoon test on time will be disqualified? There is still more than an hour before the afternoon test takes place. What are you panicking about?""Besides, you are Elder Feng's direct descendant. He just said those words out of anger. Do you really think he will punish you?" Mo Wen asked.After hearing Mo Wen's words, Feng Qi finally heaved a sigh of relief.In his opinion, what Mo Wen said was reasonable.Huang Yan, who was sitting on the other side of Feng Qi, had seen through this from the very beginning, so he was not too nervous.After all, with the strength and identity of
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Chapter 7 So Boring
"Little Qin, why don't we make a deal? I won't participate in Tianyun Martial Arts School's test. I'll follow you."Lin Tian said after thinking for a moment.When Qin Feng heard this, he twitched his mouth.Lin Tian deserved to be the son of a businessman for he was good at planning.Joining Tianyun Martial Arts School was only for a good future.What was a good future?It meant endless money, a high level of cultivation and high status.These could be achieved in both Tianyun Martial Arts School and Tiandao Internet Cafe.He could not only have abundant money, but also have a high level of cultivation in Tiandao Internet Cafe.Even the cultivation resources provided by "DNF" were definitely not worse than that of Tianyun Martial Arts School.In some aspects, Tianyun Martial Arts School could not be as outstanding as DNF.After all, the cult
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Chapter 8 One Hundred Spirit Stones
"It's extremely boring."After saying this, the young man turned around and was about to leave.According to his behavior, this game did not seem to be able to arouse his interest.In fact, his operation in front of Qin Feng just now had already made Qin Feng very surprised.After all, in this world, no one knew what a computer was, let alone the game DNF.There was no doubt that the young man in front of Qin Feng was a beginner. But a beginner like him who played this game the first time actually could finish such an amazing operation with a fast reaction, which made Qin Feng shocked and very confused.Therefore, Qin Feng became curious about this young man."Wait a moment."Qin Feng said, and immediately stopping him.Hearing Qin Feng call him, the young man stopped and turned around."It's so easy for me to complete the mission in your game. I don't li
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Chapter 9 Message of Congratulation From a Good-for-nothing
"That's him?"After looking at the rating page on the screen, Qin Feng looked toward the direction that the young man had left in.Even Qin Feng himself did not know why he insisted that the young man should see the charm of DNF.Perhaps it was because his skillful operation reminded Qin Feng of the feeling he had before.After the first Internet cafe was built in another world, he missed the past more."Oh my god! Is he an experienced player? So terrifying!"After hearing Qin Feng's response, Lin Tian sighed.Qin Feng smiled in silence.He brought the computers to this world, so only he could be called an experienced player there.However, the young man's performance was as excellent as an experienced one's.Qin Feng wondered where this young man learned skill.Could he be a genius?"If he were an experienced player, he wouldn't
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Chapter 10 Get Started with A Warm Up
Time quickly passed and in the blink of an eye, it was already twelve o'clock.When it was exactly twelve o'clock, Qin Feng finally got up lazily from the lounge chair.With a slight glimpse, Qin Feng noticed from a distance a young man who was rushing among the crowd towards here."He is quite punctual."Qin Feng muttered to himself with a smile, put away the lounge chair and walked into the Internet cafe.After entering the Internet cafe, Qin Feng leisurely turned on two computers, one for himself and the other for the young man.These two computers were also specially kept by Qin Feng for now.However, after turning on these two computers, Qin Feng came to the side behind Mo Wen.Right at this moment, Little Fu, Mo Wen's follower, tapped lightly on Mo Wen's arm."Boss Qin, what can I do for you?"After taking off his VR glasses and seeing Qin Feng, Mo
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