Chapter 2059 He’s Back

“He’s here!” Everyone on Mount Rospids became alarmed as they witnessed an incredibly powerful force sweeping at them from the horizon.

“Start the formation!” Jim erupted with a roar, and everyone used their full power and poured it into the Ragnarok Formation. Immediately, countless beams of light rushed straight into the sky and connected with the huge whirlpool in the sky.

“Three thousand kilometers worth of sword energy!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Hundreds of thousands of sword energy flew out from the whirlpool as they formed a tidal wave and shot straight toward Apophis. The void shook tremendously. The sword energy poured out frantically and flew for more than ten kilometers.

“God Killer Swords!” Apophis was floating in the air. An excited smile appeared on his face in the face of the berserk surging tide of the sword energies.

“I can’t believe that formation is capable of piquing my interest in this world. I don’t mind having some fun!”

A purple barrier that was shaped w
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