Love Struck Me Down

Love Struck Me Down

By:  Superb Lamb  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rosaline died, and Sean personally put Jane into the women's prison for it. "Take good care of her"— his words made her three years in prison a living hell and even cost her a kidney. Before she went to prison, Jane said, "I didn't kill her," but Sean was unmoved. After her release from prison, she said, "I killed Rosaline, I'm guilty as sin!" Sean was livid as he said, "Shut up! I don't want to hear you say that!" Jane laughed. "Yes, I killed Rosaline Summers, and I did three years in prison for it." She escaped, and Sean scoured the whole world for her. Sean said, "I'll give you my kidney, Jane, if you'll give me your heart." But Jane looked up at Sean and said, "I don't love you anymore, Sean…"

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Carmelin Daniel
nice plot .... good grammar / translation
2020-09-13 04:07:35
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Sohni Sneha
language could be more polished.
2020-09-05 17:15:10
user avatar
lilian tumaliuan
the story is good
2020-12-06 16:40:23
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Downloaded the app to read but it won’t let me pick up where I left off on Facebook.
2020-10-14 06:35:15
user avatar
Deepika Nirwan
ok ok ok ok
2020-11-04 01:58:56
user avatar
laju vyas
I can't find chapter 1 to 125, kindly share the link for that
2020-10-24 11:06:40
user avatar
Kanwal Aman
Can't seem to find from chapter 1 Where do I find the chapters where I left off on Facebook?
2020-10-16 15:57:58
user avatar
Agnes Dewiana
and where is the beginning chapter? ?
2020-10-17 16:18:10
user avatar
Ellen Shalomy JE
how do I start from the beginning
2020-10-14 16:51:47
user avatar
Dr Sankalp Shastri
where is d begining of this book. it has started midway
2020-10-11 15:54:06
user avatar
Alyssa Martinez
wheres the beginning of this books
2020-10-10 20:26:01
25 Chapters
Chapter 126 He Was Looking For That Woman Furiously
The sound of cars sounded behind them. Uno, Dos, and the gang were taking six cars in total. They formed themselves in a row and stopped in front of the entrance of the party.The man strode over and stopped in front of Uno. Suddenly...Smack! A slap landed on his face.“Where is she?” the cold voice asked.Uno was confused. “Boss, who?”“Jane. I asked you to watch her. Where is she?” His cold gaze landed on Uno. When Uno heard Jane’s name, his heart sank. His face turned pale. “Boss, I…”“You didn’t carry out my orders well enough. You treat Jane as if she is nothing. You didn’t ask the underlings to keep an eye on her, did you? Yes or no?”“Boss…” Uno broke out in cold sweat. It was true that he did not care about that woman. What was so good about that woman anyway? She killed Rosaline, and she insulted the person she killed.Sean’s handsome face was cold. He pointed at Uno’s nose. “I don’t have time to deal with you now.” After he said that, he ordered Dos, “Maneuver the
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Chapter 127 Haydn's Contradiction and Pain
Jane hated the word ‘punished’.“Mr. Stewart is always punishing me. What if I don’t want to listen to you today? How are you going to punish me then, Mr. Stewart?” Had he not punished her enough already?‘If he wants to punish me, then he should just do it!’ the woman thought as she sat on the passenger seat. “If you want to punish me, Mr. Stewart, just do it.” She gave up. He should just punish her. She did not care anymore.On the driver’s seat, the man’s eyes glinted. Then, they darkened. He turned his head and said in his deep voice, “Alright, if you want to know, I’ll let you know.” After he said that, he hooked his long arms around Jane’s neck and pulled her toward him. Then, he used another hand to rub Jane’s lips furiously. His deep voice sounded in the quiet car.“I hate that your lips have been polluted by other people, do you know that?” The pad of his thumb caressed Jane’s lips repeatedly. Suddenly, he bent down and bit down on Jane’s lips.Yes, he bit her.“Ugh!” Ja
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Chapter 128 The Tenderness Under Sean’s Cool Exterior
“We’re the same! We’re both proud and so arrogant.“We lived our entire lives in the spotlight, Sean Stewart! How could men as haughty as you and I stand having such a woman, a woman held in hatred and contempt by all, unacceptable even by our own standards, as the first woman we’ve ever truly fallen for?!“You love Jane Dunn, Stewart, don’t deny it. You know who you are. If you haven’t fallen for her, you would usually be colder than the Arctic. Would you run here to me in the middle of the night and beat me up like this?“Sean Stewart, you have clearly fallen for her!“But can you accept it, Stewart? Do you dare to admit that you love her in your own words?“You don’t. You can’t!”Haydn roared with laughter again, sneering at the man not far away from him, “You can’t even do it yourself, Stewart, so what right do you have to make me do it?“I’m the heir of the Soros empire!“I can get any girl I want with a crook of my finger!“I don’t love her. I will never admit that I’ve
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Chapter 129 Wait For Me In Bed
The hot water rained down on her. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts wander… She had no idea how she was supposed to keep walking down this road anymore.It would be easy if she just gave up. Her father did not love her, her mother did not care for her. It would not be hard for her to just end all of it… Still, she did not want to give in like that!She had yet to repay her debt to Luka. That meant she had no reason to throw in the towel.As for that man… Jane was feeling somewhat frustrated. How long would she have to keep playing his games?No, she could not just sit and wait for death. At first she had been hoping that he would get tired of her soon, and then he would let her go without her having to risk offending him. As for the money she needed… First things first, she needed to think of a way to get out of his sight.She faced the mirror and looked at her reflection over and over again. After her bath, Jane had put on the clothes she had been wearing again, wasting as
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Chapter 130 Change
When her gaze landed on that card, Jane’s shoulders shook uncontrollably… He had always known what she wanted to do!The hair on Sean’s forehead was dripping wet, the droplets of water flowing down his locks. He lifted his foot and walked toward Jane.She had nowhere to go. Jane instinctively gulped. Inside, she was insanely nervous.“I’m sorry, Mr. Stewart! I apologize!” A barely discernible light flashed through her eyes. As she spoke, she bent her knees, about to prostrate herself toward the man approaching her.A hand reached out diagonally toward her, getting a firm hold of her arm and propping her up. Jane raised her head and saw that face right next to hers, looking down on her with a half-smile. “Mr. Stewart… I… I apologize. I know I was wrong.”“Oh? You do?” The man’s head lowered, and his lips curved as he asked her, “Do you know what you did wrong?”What did he… Sean mean by that? Jane’s heart was suspended in her chest. “I shouldn’t have disobeyed your orders, Mr. Ste
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Chapter 131 The Way He Loved Jane Dunn
Stewart TowerA black Bentley came to a gradual stop. The first to appear from the car was a long leg, followed by the rest of Sean’s elegant form. He walked around to the passenger’s seat and pulled the door open.Sean looked at the woman inside through narrowed eyes. She had not said a single word the entire way here. He did not try to hasten her, either; instead, he just waited quietly for the woman in the car to make her own decision.Until this moment, Jane still could not comprehend why she had compromised with him back then. Why had she put on the clothes he had prepared for her and obeyed his orders?A sense of self-loathing crawled into her heart— she hated how useless she was, she hated how she did not even dare to fight him!Once they got to the company, there were a lot more Stewart Industries employees around. Jane could not stand their stealthily curious gazes, so she had to force herself to get out of the car.Once she got out of the car, the people entering and le
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Chapter 132 Don’t You Want Me, Mr. Stewart?
“What on earth do you want?!” Jane’s hands were clenched into fists. What else did this man want from her? “Mr. Stewart, look! Look at me carefully! What else do I have that a prince like you would need to waste your time on?!“Tell me! Just tell me, and I’ll give it to you! All of it!” Why did he have to barge into her life again? What was he after? “Mr. Stewart! I’m no longer the Jane Dunn you once knew! Please know that!“I can’t tell, I really don’t know why someone as rich and respected as you would need to waste so much effort on me. What part of me do you want?”Everything started going to hell yesterday, and it somehow was not over yet even now. Susan Wilson had dragged her into the car and to that bullsh*t party, and then she met someone she should not have at that godforsaken house— Haydn Soros!Haydn had stabbed his dagger into her chest, and she had barely had the time to pull it out before her own blood-related brother added another stab to the mix!What about after t
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Chapter 133 Straighten Your Spine
“From now on, you’ll stay here.” Sean led Jane back to the 28th floor of East Emperor, adding, “I’ve already submitted your resignation letter for this place. Once you join Stewart Industries, you’ll just have to stick with me.”“I was doing fine with my job!” She glared at him. What right did he have to make that decision for her?“Oh, really? Do you really think a job selling your services to men is ‘fine’ by you? Jane, even if you wanted to keep working there, I don’t want you to.”Jane wanted to laugh… What about before? Who was the one who transferred her to the PR department in the first place?Seriously… How hilarious!“Mr. Stewart, that wasn’t what you said back then, was it? You were the one who put me in the PR department, remember?” Jane said through clenched teeth. “You were the one who put me to it back then, so why don’t you want me working there now?”Sean gave Jane a complicated look. “Do you really want to know?” Jane did not say anything, so Sean continued calml
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Chapter 134 Forcing Her, Step By Step
“Did you just say that Miss Dunn called my name in her sleep?” If he understood that correctly, ‘Luca’ was supposed to refer to him, right? Zach had quite the peculiar expression on his face right now… Cough cough, could it be that he was truly that charming? Aside from the time Haydn brought Jane to their meet-up, he had really only met Jane that one time.“Stewart, did she really say ‘Luca’?” Zach continued to act dumb, out of curiosity more than anything else.Before he could finish that thought, the person on the other end hung up.“Hello? Hello? Stewart, you didn’t answer my question!”On the other end, Sean had ended the call without any hesitation.It was not his first time hearing that woman saying ‘Luca’ in her sleep. If she was not talking about Zach Lucas… Who could it be?He crooked his finger and tapped the conference table rhythmically. All of a sudden, he stopped and gave Uno a call. "Check if there's anyone by the name of 'Luca' in the prison."Evidently, while S
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Chapter 135 Secrets Of The Past
While Jane was still stupefied, Sean reached out his hand and rubbed her head. “Alright, I’ll go call for delivery.”Jane was still somewhat dazed when the food arrived… and she gave Sean, who was standing at the window, another careful glance— This was her first time seeing Sean Stewart compromise on anything.As they ate, Sean forced Jane to eat another half a bowl of rice.“Why aren’t you drinking the soup? Is it bad?”He had not seen her drink even a sip of the soup the entire time.Without waiting for an answer, he scooped her a bowl of soup and put it in front of her.Even so, the woman continued to hesitate, refusing to drink.He forced her some more, and she finally picked up the small bowl with extreme reluctance. With the spoon, she took a few tiny sips.However…Sean looked between her and the bowl she was holding. After some time, he figured it out so he grabbed the bowl and then the spoon from her. In no time at all, he had picked out the small pieces of floating
Read more Protection Status