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Liliana Patrick, a twenty three years old timid and clumsy lady who lost everything in a blink of an eye. Suffer was an understatement in her case, she had nothing, no shelter, no friends, no family. But when she steps her leg in to Kings Company, she was introduced to another world she never knew about. Nicholas King, an example of rude and arrogant, cold, dominant, commanding and heartless. The thirty years took over his late father's property after he passed away, he shows no mercy to his workers, he can fire you with just a little mistake. But when his eyes roam her body as she walks into his office, he claimed her as his. I took a seat in front of him. "Good morning Sir-" I greeted but he cuts me off. "Did I ask you to seat?" His voice, so raspy, so deep, so sensual, so husky and so......British? I never knew the Kings were British. But what took my attention were those words he said. "Uhh....." I stood up immediately. "I'm sorry" I apologize but he looks angry or something. "You came sixteen minutes late, left my door opened, sat on the chair like you own the place" he snarled at me..... okay, Mr rude. "I.....I said I was sorry" I look away from him, he shuffle and his cologne filled my nostrils, sandalwood and lavender oil. "You are not to talk back till I ask you to. Sit" he ordered and I did. He grabs what looks like my resumè, he looks at me in an instant. His blue orbs holds no emotions in his eyes as he stares at me, but what was so intriguing was the fact that he's intimidating me really bad.

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12 Chapters
1. What do I do?
LILY'S POV "I don't want her in my house," waking up to the voice yelling from downstairs, I yawn and tried to get off bed but I ended falling on the floor, groaning to the wicked pain that hits my waist. "Please, tell her to leave tonight, this is supposed to be our honeymoon but your ex colleague is here with us, if my mom finds out about this, she won't be happy" Eric's voice boomed the whole house as I stood up and walk towards the bathroom. Their noise didn't stop, I wonder what they are arguing about, is it me? I knew Eric was a friendly person but he has his limit, especially when they just got married last week and I came to them for help. I had no place to stay, my dad died in a robbery attack and my mom had a car accident. We weren't the rich or middle class family but they managed to get me into school. They had no properties so I'm lost. I don't have a job, my boss fired me because I was too clumsy, honestly, I don't know why I'm always nervous, it's like as if I'm rep
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2. Little Flower
NICHOLAS POV "Good morning sir" "Welcome sir" "Good morning Mr King" "Good morning sir" It went on like that ever since I step my legs into the company. I didn't answer them, that would just be giving them what they want which I can't. They fear me, which I like, I don't let people take me for granted. They wouldn't do what they are supposed to if I wasn't this way. I don't tolerate rubbish or stupidity, in this place, I'm known as a cold person, I don't reply to their greetings, you only talk when I ask you to, do the wrong thing then you're off my premisses. I made it to my private elevator, pressing the button, I got in as soon as the door open, hitting the button of my floor. I have two interviews today and a meeting at twelve, I better get the fuck ready cause this is already eight o'clock. I reached my office just to see the cleaner mopping my off at this time of the day. "What the fûck?" I said in shock. She looks at me in fear, gulping as she sees my facial expressi
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3. Deal?
LILY'S POV I don't want to go, I'm scared, he's intimidating and frightening, I shouldn't go and only get humiliated by that arrogant, rude man.But here I am, dressed in a gean and hoodie. Honestly, I was really curious, after he chased me out of his office, I was curious to why he wants to see me again. I guess we have to find out.I wore my sneakers and grab my purse, leaving the room, I made sure I locked my room and walk towards the street. I called for a cab passing by and got in. Looks like my last change is going for transportation.I told him were I was going, according to the address sent to them, it was at the bridge valley of Chicago. I look outside the window of the cab, receiving the cold breeze that blew my hair.We finally made it, at least that's what the driver said. I got out and paid him, he drove away. I turn around and look at a huge Five Star restaurant. This is really beautiful.I could have found something to wear if I knew I was coming to a five star restau
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4. Fear
LILY'S POVMy eyes flutters open, I noticed I was naked on the bed, the sunlight shine into my eyes, I look to my left, Mr King was shirtless, I gasp but he quickly covered it with his lips on mine.*******I quickly jerk up from my sleep, I just had the weirdest dream that I was nakedly sleeping with Mr King and he kissed me..... I started to noticed my surroundings. I was in a black leather bed, the walls were dark shade of silver and the floor were covered with purple carpet, there was a fireplace along with two leather chair. I clean my eyes, realizing I'm in a hotel apartment.I got out of the very comfortable bed and walk towards one of the doors, it was an en suite, the bathroom was covered with dark cream color tiles.I walked out and made my way to the second door, it was a walk in closet filled with his clothes. I walk in, looking at all his clothes and shoes, accessories, this is money.I grab one if his shirt, should I be touching his things? I shrugged, looking at how bi
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5. Eight PM
JAYDEN'S POVIt's really weird, I wonder why Liam would want to take me out on a date, it's been long I saw him, he has been in London for months. Honestly, I really missed him."So.....any boyfriends yet?" He asked, I chuckle a little, taking a sip from my vodka."Na, waiting for the right person to make a move" I replied. "What about you, any woman or man?" I asked.He smirks, getting up from the bar stool, he cage me with his talk frame. His lips was inches away from mine, I gasp at the unexpected proximity. "Why don't we have a little fun" he said before placing his lips on mine, my breath seized. I grab his face and pull him close, his soft succulent lips devouring mine, I stick my tongue into his mouth and he sucks on it like it's his dinner, I moan in pleasure.This is wrong, this is my best friend, not anything else, but here I am kissing him. I've always fantasized how sex with him will be. He pulled away instantly. "I didn't know you could be this eager. Follow me" he said
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6. Punished?
LILY'S POVIt's been hours now, I had just finished making dinner, porridge and chicken pepper soup. It was fun cause of the music blasting from the installed stereo in the house. I dance to the music.Maya said he always have alcohol after dinner so I grab the bottle that had a written word called 'Vodka' on it. I danced with the bottle in my hand, swaying my hips till I felt a large hand wrapped around my neck from behind. A hot breath was fanning my cheeks as lips were pressed on it."What the fûck do you think you're doing?" I got startled and my clumsy hand let go of the bottle sending it to the floor, causing a million shatters of glass.I wince in pain as I felt glasses piercing my skin. I turn around and my eyes set on the piercing blue orbs glaring at me furiously.I go down on my knees and started to pick up the glass but got cut by it. "Ouch..." I exclaimed. "Get up!" A booming voice echoes and that's when I realized that the music wasn't on anymore. I stood up with bloody
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7. Playroom
LILY'S POV Today is Saturday, last night was really something, I've never felt that way before, it was so intense, intimate. I look up at my ceiling, I hope he leaves today.I got off bed immediately and walk towards the bathroom, I wash my face and repark it up again, I brush my teeth and came out of the bathroom, I started to clean the room, it wasn't even messy. I rushed out of the room, it was still early to cook so maybe I'll start with cleaning. I opened the store room and grab some cleaning appliances.I head downstairs and started to cleaning the living room, wiping away the sweat, I used a whole hour to clean the house.I rushed to start making breakfast before Mr King wakes up. I made pancakes with maple syrup, setting it on the table, I sigh. I place coffee and orange juice on the table along with the spoon and fork. Walking towards the fridge, I opened the, grabbing a bottle of water, I close the fridge and bump into a wall. I rub my forehead before slowly opening my ey
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8. Nicko
LILY'S POVWaking up in a Sunday with my butt red, I didn't sleep well last night, let's say I kept thinking about him, clenching and unclench my legs, it was unbearable, I kept moaning like a freak, I can't believe myself.I sigh. Judging by the looks of it, he's probably in his gym working out, I'm sure he never miss a day in that place, I mean, look at his body, who knows what it looks like...... Lily, quit it!I had made breakfast, I took some breaths and let it out. Hearing his footsteps coming closer, my face starts to heat up.I look away in embarrassment, honestly, I can't look him in the face without turning tomatoes. But then, when I noticed that intimidating aura behind me, I couldn't breathe. I felt like the group should just open and swallow me whole.....oh why can't that happen? At least I would leave this unbearable tension.He came closer behind me, I shudder, holding on to my hand towel for dear life. But something unexpected happened, I felt his hand slide down to my
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9. Promise and Fail
NICHOLAS POVSometimes in life it feels so fuckin' good to be selfish, having everything to yourself, not caring about anyone, not feeling pain of someone, just taking care of only yourself. I intended to be selfish to that little flower named Lily, but then, won't it be more fun if the other party enjoys my selfishness, I mean, I'm using her but she'll like it.When the time comes, I'll have her in my bed. Yes, I was her to be a good girl, an obedient little pet, the one I can control all when I want to. I was amused when she kept talking back at me and I want to change that so fuckin' bad, and that's what I intend to do.I know in a way, I'm the one benefiting from it, but then again, won't she have everything she dream of. Women and money and the same useful things. I usually exchange things for money, now I'm exchanging money for a random girl.....I sip from my vodka, taking in the strong tastes, it's seven minutes to nine, getting ready for my first session with her, honestly,
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10. Unsighted Touches
LILY'S POV I stood in front of his office door, dressed in a white shirt, I took a deep breath, biting on my fingernail, what if he.....I don't even know what to think, I close my eyes and knock on the door. C'mon Lily, you can do it. I encourage myself. "Come in, Liliana" I heard his deep strong voice from the other side of the door, I gently place my hand on the doorknob, I took a deep breath before twisting the it, pushing it open.I walk into the room, I nervously close the door and bit on my fingernail, I look ahead and saw he was seated behind his desk, I walk towards the desk and stood there, avoiding eye contact. "Come here" he utters, I look at him, he raised a brow, telling me to question him. I decided to be the obedient girl he wants me to be, that's what my mother taught me.I walk over to him, standing by his side but he immediately push me down to his lap, I noticed he had changed to a slack and shirt. I felt comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time, you know
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