Chapter 5

Current Location: My bedroom

I raised my lashes and stared intently at Shane’s pondering eyes. I wondered what was going on in his beautiful mind "Baby what are you contemplating about? I can see the gears behind your eyes grinding against each other!" Shane chuckled and said "I was just thinking about how you used my wedding vows as an excuse, but I realized I really do not know what to say to Ruby. What do you say to a woman you are only marrying because of the kids you share? This is so frustrating, maybe babe you really could help me write them."

In an instant I was out of bed chucking his clothes and shoes at him. One of his shoes hit and bounced off the top of his head. " What the fuck babe? It was just a question, not even that just an idea! If you do not want to help me with writing my vows than just say so! You do not have to toss my shit at me!"

"Shane Donaldson, you are a completely unbelievable asshole! It is hard enough that I have to stand by her side and watch the two of you get married, but now you want me to write your vows for you as well. Get the FUCK out of my house you inconsiderate prick!"

Shane rolled his eyes at me and said " Babe come on! You do realize that any vows I speak that day will be about you. Ruby will not know that, but you and I will." I screamed in his face at the top of my lungs "Like that is any better you need to shut your stupid ass mouth you are only making things worse! Get out of my house before I mess that handsome face of yours up before your big day!"

The next morning

I awoke around nine fifteen in the morning. Still fuming from the night before. My phone kept vibrating so I picked it up to see what was going on. I had thirteen missed calls, twenty text messages, and two voicemails from Shane. There was also three social media notifications and seven emails. Sighing I placed my phone down entered the kitchen grabbed the ground coffee and filters filled the coffee pot turned it on and headed into the bathroom to take a much-needed shower.

After twenty minutes the warm water started running out, so I got out of the shower, and I went back to the kitchen more alert now. I grabbed a cup and filled it with coffee than added a splash of creamer. Then finally I grabbed my phone and went and sat down to read my messages and listen to my voicemails.

I will not bore you with all the text messages Shane sent me. It was all the same regurgitated shit rewrote twenty times. All seven emails went straight into the trash bin, I hate spam mail that did not filter to the spam folder. I called my voicemail. The first one was Shane exclaiming "Shit" but the second one I listened to more times than I would like to admit.

"Babe? Please hear me out after that the ball is in your court and I will not call or text you again until you choose to reach out to me. I fucked up big time and I know it. I rethought everything I said to you tonight and it even sounded harsh to me. God you are right I am a complete asshat. what right did I have to ask you that, and it was probably worse for you since we just finished having sex and all the while I was thinking about wedding vows? I love you more than anyone, my children excluded. You know I do not Love Ruby, but this is what I have to do, and I am so very sorry that you have to be there to endure it. One day it is going to just be you and me that is a promise. If only there was a way Ruby would choose to leave on her own than none of this would matter. Shit my mother is calling. Okay I got to go, just remember I love you babe always have always will."

After listening to the message for the tenth time and saving it I finally sent Shane a text message in response "Baby we are good. I love you too! You said everything I needed to hear from you. Still, I am sorry I cannot help you with your vows especially if they are actually meant for me. So, you better write some good ones. I want it to be a happy surprise finally getting to hear exactly how you feel. Kisses!!" Almost instantly I got a response "They will be the best vows ever written than!" followed by a bunch of heart emojis.

Finally after that was all done, I clicked on to my social media page. The first notification was about my best friend, yes even someone like me has one, Natasha adding a post about her two cats. The second one was about some girl named Anne who was now following me. Boring and a bit creepy anyway. And the third one was a picture posted by my cousin Derek with the caption " Celebrating at the Dragon house with my sister Ruby Two days until she is a married woman!"

The picture was of the two of them sitting side by side at a table giving each other a peck on the lips. I looked at the picture for a moment than an evil smile spread across my lips. This picture just gave me the perfect ending to the weirdest Bachelorette Party ever.

I pulled up my contacts list on my phone and scrolled down until I found my cousin Derek’s number and hit call. It rang a few times than went to voicemail annoyed I hung up. A minute later a text from Derek came through "Who is this?" Typical. I should have guessed he would not have my number saved in his phone." Hey Derek, it is your cousin Emma. Tonight, is Ruby’s Bachelorette party and since she told me you cannot come to the wedding, I thought it would be a nice surprise for Ruby if you came to the party tonight."

Another minute went by before Derek texted back" Oh hey cousin long time no talk. It is great to hear from you. I would love to come, just tell me when and where and I will be there." After giving him all the information, he responded with a simple " Thank you see you tonight."

Next, I scrolled through my contacts again until I found Lucas. After hitting the call button Lucas answered after two rings" Good morning, Ma'am what can I do for you today?" Sometimes Lucas was a little too polite to me, and it made me feel weird deep down inside. "Hello Lucas. I need you to do two things for me today. The first thing I need from you is to find someone to work for me who will not care if he gets his hands dirty and is willing to follow someone around for me."

After a short pause Lucas said "Of course. Kyle was extremely helpful to you last time you needed someone to deal with shady stuff should we go with him?" I thought for a moment "Ah Kyle the enforcer I do not know why I did not think of that. He will be perfect." Lucas was quick on his feet I will give him that " Very well Ma'am and the second thing you need from me?" I got an evil look on my face and said with satisfaction " I need you to get me ecstasy before the Bachelorette party tonight do not fail me!"

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